OFF Paris Seine – Room

Experience OFF

Moored at the foot of the Austerlitz station, OFF is the first hotel and bar on water in Paris. A choice destination for an unusual experience, OFF offers 54 rooms, 4 suites, a bar with cocktails and platters of cheese and cold cuts, an interior path designed by Gérard Ronzatti, a plunge pool and a marina. Located between the Left and Right banks, the viewpoints offered by the OFF are simply unique: the play of light and the reflections of water change throughout the day.

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OFF Paris Seine – Music

Music OFF

The musical artistic direction of the OFF completes the unique experience of this place of life, inviting guests to travel, share and enjoy themselves.

The playlists designed by Tune my Tape give the tempo all day long starting breakfast through the open-air sight created by the bay windows of the lounge bar. The ballet of the boats, the rippling of the water, the majestic beauty of Parisian buildings and the indiscretion of the metro give the hotel’s music score a very visual and cinematic dimension.

The dreamlike and cozy ambiance of the morning blends sweet and sometimes melancholic melodies as an invitation to daydreaming and contemplation.

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All day long, the eclectic musical ambiance specific to the hotel’s artistic direction mixes groove, world music and the latest music gems. It is in this friendly and trendy atmosphere that the OFF’s team welcomes you every day. The music, like the hotel, is bold, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes avant-garde, but most definitely warm and inviting.

The playlist designed by Tune my Tape evolves during the day to liven up the evenings, setting the tempo for the bartenders’ shakers and the more energetic conversations of guests. For the most adventurous, the playlist steps up the pace from 10 PM with a bolder selection of house, disco, hip hop and electro music.

OFF Paris Seine - Room

Environment OFF

The OFF is located in the most surprising spot in Paris: the Seine River, which we like to call the 21st district. Between gare d’Austerlitz and gare de Lyon, this district undergoing rapid transformation combines modernity and history. Walk along the banks of the Seine to reach the lively center of the city, the Notre-Dame cathedral or the Hôtel de Ville…

The stations on both sides of the Seine offer a large choice of metro and RER lines to go anywhere in Paris for your leisure and professional activities.

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